Specter™ 3.5

Specter™ 3.5

Excellent for prevention of plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement cracks in concrete.

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Product Description

SPECTER™ 3.5 Synthetic Micro Fiber is a true “Best-in-Class” fiber for reinforcement of concrete. FABPRO’s unique technology combines ultra-thin diameter with ultra-high strength, resulting in the highest level of plastic shrinkage crack reduction at only 0.75 lbs per cubic yard of concrete. Millions of high tensile, high modulus filaments in every yard create an extremely dense, three-dimensional network in most cementitious applications. SPECTER™ 3.5’s superior ability to reduce early age cracking can be accomplished at a minimum dosage as low as 0.50 lbs per cubic yard, with optimum results at the recommended and engineered dosage rate of 0.75 lbs per cubic yard of concrete.

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Product Information SDS Sheet
Features / Properties
Specific Gravity
Melt Point
320°F (160°C)
Ignition Point
1094°F (590°C)
Water Absorption
Alkali Resistance
Tensile Strength
30,000 psi
0.25" (6 mm) to 0.75" (19 mm)
Chemical Resistance
Modulus of Elasticity
325 ksi (2.24 GPa)
Fiber Count
61 million per lb (0.45 kg) at 0.75" (19 mm) length


SPECTER™ 3.5 Synthetic Micro Fiber, when used at an appropriate dosage, provides excellent plastic shrinkage and early age crack reduction. The fiber is rust proof, alkali resistant, and compliant with industry codes when used in concrete mixed in accordance with ASTM C94/C94M.

SPECTER™ 3.5 Synthetic Micro Fiber should be specified for use in concrete slabs:

  • To control bleed water
  • To reduce plastic shrinkage cracking
  • To increase abrasion resistance
  • To improve impact resistance
  • To reduce permeability

FABPRO POLYMERS does not recommend this fiber for use in slabs as a substitute for primary/structural reinforcement.


Guidelines for Use


The recommended dosage for the SPECTER™ 3.5 Synthetic Micro Fiber is 0.75 lb/yd3 (0.45 kg/m3). It can be used at dosage rates from 0.5 lb/yd3 (0.3 kg/m3) up to 1.0 lb/yd3 (0.6 kg/ m3).


SPECTER™ 3.5 Synthetic Micro Fibers are packaged in pre-weighed, ready-to-use, degradable bags which are designed to be introduced at any time before or during mixing of concrete produced in accordance with procedures specified in ASTM C94/C94M. Standard practices detailed in ACI 302 for placing, finishing and curing concrete should be followed when using SPECTER™ 3.5 Fibers.


SPECTER™ 3.5 Synthetic Micro Fibers are packaged in pre-weighed degradable 0.5 lb (0.23 kg), 0.75 lb (0.34 kg) and 1.0 lb (0.45 kg) bags that can be added directly to the mixing system.

SPECTER™ 3.5 Fibers are packaged in ultra-durable, double-walled boxes, palletized and stretch-wrapped with corner boards to prevent damage from shipping and handling.