Concrete Reinforcing Fibers

Reinforcement fibers are designed for specific and unique applications, ranging from micro synthetic fibers to reduce shrinkage and settlement cracking formed when concrete is still in the plastic state, to macro synthetic fibers as an alternative to traditional steel reinforcement for secondary reinforcement applicarions.

Monofilament Microfiber Reinforcement

Monofilament fibers minimize early age cracking in concrete from plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement, while improving its long term durability and impact resistance.

Fibrillated Microfiber Reinforcement

Fibrillated microfibers deliver plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement crack prevention, and are an alternative to typical light gauge welded wire reinforcement for many applications.

Macrosynthetic Fiber Reinforcement

Specifically designed and engineered for temperature-shrinkage or secondary reinforcement as an alternative to traditional steel reinforcement, while also providing excellent plastic shrinkage crack control.

Steel Fiber Reinforcement

Steel reinforcing fibers are used for temperature-shrinkage as an alternative to welded wire mesh or light rebar.