Omega™ Blend V Steel Fiber

Omega™ Blend V Steel Fiber

Combines temperature-shrinkage reinforcement with outstanding early age crack prevention

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Product Description

FABPRO POLYMERS’ OMEGA™ Blend V is an industry-proven combination of two unique fiber types, that when united, provide a secondary reinforcement structure that is an excellent alternative or replacement for welded wire mesh or light rebar. The engineered blend of carbon steel and FABPRO’s Best-in-Class SPECTER™ polypropylene microfiber delivers tight temperature-shrinkage crack control, excellent plastic shrinkage crack prevention and settlement protection by approximately 70%. OMEGA™ Blend V is also approved for use in composite metal deck systems by the Steel Deck Institute.

The carbon steel fibers in OMEGA™ Blend V meet the requirements of ASTM A820/A820M, Type V “Standard Specification for Steel Fibers for Fiber-Reinforced Concrete” and SPECTER™ meets the requirements of ASTM C1116/C1116M “Standard Specification for Fiber-Reinforced Concrete” and ICC ES AC32 Section 3.1.1 for plastic shrinkage reinforcement.

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Product Information SDS Sheet
Features / Properties
Specific Gravity: Type V
Specific Gravity: SPECTER
Melting Point: Type V
2760˚F (1516˚C)
Melting Point: SPECTER
320°F (160°C)
Ignition Point: Type V
1500°F (816°C)
Ignition Point: SPECTER
1,094°F (590°C)
Absorption: Type V
Absorption: SPECTER
Alkali Resistance: Type V
Very Good
Alkali Resistance: SPECTER
Tensile Strength: Type V
140-180 ksi
Tensile Strength: SPECTER
25,000 psi
Fiber Length: Type V
1.5” (38 mm)
Fiber Length: SPECTER
0.75” (19 mm)
Aspect Ratio: Type V
Chemical Resistance: Type V
Very Good
Chemical Resistance: SPECTER
Fiber Count: Type V
2000 fibers/lb
Fiber Count: SPECTER
30 million/lb


Use only OMEGA™ BLEND V Fibers specifically engineered and manufactured for use in concrete as secondary reinforcement. OMEGA™ BLEND V Fibers are for the control of cracking due to drying shrinkage, thermal expansion and contraction, lowered permeability, and increased impact, abrasion and shatter resistance. OMEGA™ BLEND V Fibers from FABPRO POLYMERS comply with applicable building codes and ASTM C1116/C1116M Section 4.1.3, Type I and Type III, and are approved for use in composite metal deck systems by the Steel Deck Institute.

OMEGA™ BLEND V should be specified for use in concrete slabs:

  • To control bleed water
  • To reduce plastic shrinkage cracking
  • To increase abrasion resistance
  • To improve impact resistance
  • To reduce permeability
  • To control drying shrinkage cracking and temperature cracking

FABPRO’s OMEGA™ BLEND V Fibers should not be used to replace structural, load-bearing reinforcement. OMEGA™ BLEND V Fibers should not be used as a means of reducing thickness of concrete sections below original design, nor to increase joint spacing past those dimensions suggested by PCA and ACI industry standard guidelines.

Guidelines for Use


OMEGA™ BLEND V Fibers are typically added at a dosage rate of one 24 lb/yd3 (14.2 kg/m3) bag per cubic yard. Other dosages may be acceptable depending on the application, local specifications, and practices.


OMEGA™ BLEND V Fibers are packaged in pre-measured ready-for-use degradable bags, designed to be introduced into the mix at any time before or after batching. Please follow proper mixing procedures as specified in ASTM C94/C94M.

OMEGA™ BLEND V Fibers can be pumped and placed using conventional equipment. Hand screeds can be used, but vibratory and laser screeds are recommended to provide added compaction and bury surface fibers. Normal finishing equipment and techniques can be used when finishing. Troweling blades should be kept at an angle for as long as possible to insure a fiber free surface.

Standard practices detailed in ACI 302 for placing, finishing and curing concrete should be followed when using OMEGA™ BLEND V Fibers.


OMEGA™ BLEND V Fibers are available in 24 lb (10.9 kg) degradable bags. The bags are palletized and stretch-wrapped to prevent damage from shipping and handling.