Plexus™ 44F

Plexus™ 44F

Uniquely engineered for slab-on-ground and precast applications with higher tensile strength to provide better "Built-In-Reinforcement".

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Product Description

Plexus™ Synthetic Macrofibers are uniquely engineered for slab-on-ground and precast applications with higher tensile strength to provide better “Built-In Reinforcement” as a replacement for steel fibers, welded-wire fabric (WWF) and conventional reinforcing bars in a variety of secondary reinforcement applications.  In addition, Plexus™ Fibers help to minimize temperature shrinkage cracking, plastic settlement and plastic shrinkage cracking.  Plexus™ Fibers distribute uniformly throughout the concrete matrix and deliver excellent finish-ability.

FABPRO’s proprietary parallel packaging system aligns all of the fibers in the bag to ensure outstanding fiber distribution in the concrete mix and creates a compact package that results in the lowest possible product freight and storage costs.

PLEXUS™ 44F Synthetic Macrofibers are high tensile fibers manufactured from a blend of 100% virgin polyolefin resins.  FABPRO’s PLEXUS™ Macrofibers meet the requirements of ASTM C1116/C1116M “Standard Specification for Fiber-Reinforced Concrete”.


  • Eliminates the need for WWF and rebar used as secondary reinforcement in most applications.
  • Delivers tight crack control.
  • Improves green strengths and permits earlier stripping of forms with less rejection.
  • Reduces construction time, and overall labor and material costs.
  • Increases flexural toughness, impact and abrasion resistance.
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Product Information SDS Sheet
Features / Properties
Specific Gravity
Melting Point
320°F (160°C)
Ignition Point
1,094°F (590°C)
Alkali Resistance
Tensil Strength
78,000 psi
Modulus of Elasticity
1,200 ksi
Fiber Length
1.73" (44 mm)
Aspect Ratio
Fiber Count
31,000 fibers/lb
Chemical Resistance


PLEXUS™ Synthetic Macrofibers, when used at an appropriate dosage, are an excellent option for the replacement of WWF and rebar as a safe and easy-to-use reinforcing system.  The fiber is rust proof, alkali resistant, and compliant with industry codes when used in concrete mixed in accordance with ASTM C94/C94M.

Guidelines for Use


The minimum dosage rate for PLEXUS™ Synthetic Macrofibers is 3 lb/yd³ (1.8 kg/m³).  PLEXUS™ Fibers can be used at dosage rates from 3 lb/yd³ (1.8 kg/m³) up to 13 lb/yd³ (7.7 kg/m³) or the equivalent dosage of 0.2% to 0.9% by volume, unless otherwise specified.

For composite metal deck applications, minimum dosage is 4 lb/yd³ (2.4 kg/m³) as recommended by the Steel Deck Institute (SDI C-1.0) design code provisions.


PLEXUS™ Fibers are packaged in pre-weighed, ready-to-use, degradable bags which are designed to be introduced at any time before or during mixing of concrete produced in accordance with procedures specified in ASTM C94/C94M.


PLEXUS™ Fibers are packaged in compact, pre-weighed degradable 3 lb (1.4 kg), 4 lb (1.8 kg) and 5 lb (2.3 kg) bags that can be added directly to the mixing system.