New Tree-PLY™ Tree Rope Offers More Strength Than Ever

Fabpro Polymers is pleased to announce the latest addition to our market leading Tyger branded tying products. Say Hello to Tree-PLY™ High Strength Tree Rope!

Tree-PLY™ High Strength Tree Rope was developed to meet the needs of the Western tree market, which demands higher strength and increased durability for its most rigorous tying applications. Western growers’ crop yields are now heavier than ever, creating the need for an improved tying solution — Tree-PLY™ High Strength Tree Rope

Fabpro Polymers has also heard growers’ requests for a more economical product. As a result, Tree-PLY™ High Strength Tree Rope is offered in larger 10-pound spools, which results in more efficient packaging, and improved freight costs by increasing the total footage per pallet.




Ask for Tyger Tree-Ply™ High Strength Tree Rope to ensure you have the best available tree tying option for all your tying needs.

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